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Need It Now: Dedegumo One-of-a-Kind Watches

“It’s the ultimate statement piece, since each watch is made entirely by hand guaranteeing you the ultimate exclusive. And although the shop resides in New York, it has not forgotten its Japanese roots. (…) Head over there now and display one of their unique timepieces on your own helping hand.

- Patricia Garcia, Vogue


Japanese Watches Made Right Before Your Eyes

Every in-house watchmaker’s endowed with skills passed down through generations of horologists, and for the sake of continuity each totally unique ticker’s made by a single craftsman from start to finish using materials and tools imported from Japan, necessary as all of our tools are busy reading their manga.

- Huffington Post


Introducing dedegumo

“dedegumo really believes in the input of their artisans, allowing them license to create whimsical, surprising, and super-chic designs. no two pieces are exactly alike, and each is numbered and signed by its maker. (…)  It makes shopping for and buying a dedegumo watch a truly exceptional experience!”

- The Glamorai



Best One-of-a-Kind Watches

You could shell out for a shiny status watch. But Dedegumo’s quirky devices have a little more character. The Japanese brand quietly opened its first U.S. storefront on the Lower East Side in December, staffed with six in-house artisans who craft the leather-strapped timepieces by hand (each takes eight to twelve hours to complete).

- New York Magazine


The 30 Most Expensive, Elegant And Crazy Watches Ever

I december 2011 blev en ældre udgave af dedegumos designs (“kakera watch”) kåret som en af de 30 flotteste, mest vilde designs af den italienske bloggerer Francesco Mugnai, hvis blog har flere millioner månedlige hits. 

 - Francesco Mugnai


dedegumo watches: Art for your wrist

If you haven’t seen these amazing watches yet, you’re in for a treat (…) These watches are each a unique work of art, produced from a basic set of over 150 designs, but adapted each time to the hands and skills of the individual maker (…) an absolute work of art that you can carry on your write every day.

- Kiersten Carlson, Green Spot Blue


Take time out in New York for bespoke watches by dedegumo’s workshop

Who wears watches anymore? When the ubiquitous cellphone can do just about everything – including the prosaic task of telling time – what place does a wristwatch have? These days, a timepiece must serve as art piece or design statement to be something truly special, and worth wearing. (Goodbye and good riddance, calculator watch.) One watchmaker working for these times, and this frame of mind, is dedegumo. Based in Kyoto, Japan, the workshop turns out one-of-a-kind handmade watches using hand-cut Italian lace leather and intricately detailed brass, copper, bronze, and silver pieces.

 Bonnie Tsui, forfatter & skribent på New York Times, Phaidon


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